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The Place to be in Colombia: Tintipán! | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 20

In this Episode we find Tintipán, the most beautiful place we’ve seen on our travels so far. There’s a lagoon in this island that has one of the most dense photo-plankton occurrences in the world. Seriously it’s one of the most amazing underwater experiences. We both got naked and jumped in at night, with no moon, and it looked like we were on fire.

Unfortunately there’s no camera that will pickup this light, so it was for our eyes only (we tried). You’ll just have to trust us on the description.

We spearfish, actually Kimmi speared her first fish here in Tintipán, we sail and try to finally find a place with clear water. Haven’t had that since the Cayman Islands!

Love you guys! Hope you like!

– James & Kim

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