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Say Hello to Our New Dinghy! | Season 1 – Ep. 78

In this Zing I episode, we arrive in Tahiti to pick up our new dinghy! The 3.5 meter OC Tender. We named it NolikÄ« šŸ˜‰

We have an interview with Russ, the owner/builder of these fantastic boats.

Next we use the OC Tender to give “Sinky” to Katoosh: two brothers who are sailing around the world in a boat they were born on! They lost their rudder while we were buddy boating in the Tuamotus. Please watch the video to hear that story.

Lastly, we travel 14nm to go to the neighboring island of Mo’orea, have a jump-off with some old friends, and pick up a local to travel to the only raised-atoll in French Polynesia: Makatea.

Hope you all enjoy this episode!

Much love!

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Episodes - Season 1 Videos

After Three Years We Made it to TAHITI! – Ep. 77

In my FIRST VIDEO I put on the internet I explained that I had just purchased a catamaran and was going to sail it to Tahitiā€¦ I thought it would take around a year. Well, three years later and it’s finally here!

In this episode, Kimmi and I arrive to Oeno, the fourth and last of the Pitcairn Island Group. We visited ALL of them! Yes! Very cool.

We do some spearfishing, but the wind comes up with such ferocity that we had to make like a tree and get the hell out of there.

Then, on the sail to Gambiers we caught a wahoo, got caught in a storm, and ran out of propane! That last one was avoidableā€¦ but it’s difficult to fill propane when you’re out sailing.

Finally, we arrive in Tahiti!

Much love,


Random Season 2 - New Boat

End of the Campaign – Beginning of a New Chapter

Real time update | Our Kickstarter-Campaign was successful! We are so close to going out there again and doing what we love.

<3 Thanks to all of our supporters! <3

Zingaro II is coming

When we arrived to Hawai’i on Dec 22nd, 2019, we thought it was the end for us and our wild plans to sail the world. At least for a while.

But we thought wrong! The fact that our community poured SO much love our way and made sure that we could keep going, seriously chokes us up.

Now we can actively search for a new boat, and the 169% funding we’ve received, has opened up some pretty cool options.

Zingaro I is gone – the weight lifted

Two days ago we signed over the title of our first catamaran. Zingaro is sold!
As hard as it was to say goodbye to our old friend, the feeling an hour later, when it really sank in was… We don’t know the words… Relief, alleviation, calmness, readiness.

This was the final crux keeping us from really letting go and moving on, and it’s finally finished. We are finally ready to start the next chapter. We are ready to let go of the past, and focus on the future.

Coming soon: adventures from the South Pacific…

Stay tuned for our next and last episodes with Zingaro I ! We will take you with us across the South Pacific to…

Much love
J & K

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Season 2 - New Boat

Season Two – Kickstarter Campaign

Sad to report that our Zingaro is shipwrecked: On Dec 22nd s/v Zingaro was hit by a violent storm on route from Tahiti-Hawaii. She sustained significant damage to the starboard hull, causing it to separate from the boat. Zingaro’s bluewater cruising days are definitely over.

We’ll never give up: Kickstarter Campaign & YouTube Livestream

With the help of our Patrons and friends, we’re going to find a new, stronger Zingaro 2.0, that will allow us to see rarely visited places like Japan, Alaska, Galapagos or Patagonia.

Easter Isand - Kickstarter Campaign

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finally finished our kickstarter campaign! It launched on Tuesday, Feb 4th! Check it out:

Also, we are having a livestream on YouTube at 5 pm (pacific time) on Tuesday, Feb 4th. Here’s the upload …

See you then!
Much love
James & Kim


Au Revoir, Tahiti – What’s up, Hawai’i?

Real time update | We set sail for Hawai’i over the Line Islands. We’re packed, we’re suuuper excited, we’re ready for this 2,500 nm crossing!

Bye bye Tahiti
Sailing Zingaro | We’re leaving today for Hawai’i, cheers us for a great passage!!!!

We’re leaving today, cheers us for a great passage!!!!

For current position, please follow this link …

Much love
James & Kim

Random Videos

We made it to TAHITI !!!

In the intro video to our YouTube channel, THREE YEARS ago, Tahiti was the destination… and we made it… and we’re not stopping here!