Check Out the Fancy New Thru Hulls

Boat refit video #10 | This is the first project I started when I got to the boat is finally completed. And what an important project is was: Thru Hulls. After over a month waiting for shipping/customs (which I think had something to do with the boat “yacht-in-transit” paperwork not being used for over 4Continue reading “Check Out the Fancy New Thru Hulls”

Windows Are In! No More Leaks!

Boat refit video #9 | James here with the next installment of the Oyster refit: The Windows. Joined by the Dutch father-son team of Max and Vas, and with our helper Hein we tackle the enormous job of rebedding the salon windows. If you’ll remember in the last video we had taken them out, nowContinue reading “Windows Are In! No More Leaks!”

Everything Is Leaking…

Boat refit video #8 | So there are some serious leaking issues going on with the new Oyster… Seems to me that as soon as I stepped onboard and “broke the seal” so-to-say, every single window, hatch, and port light is now just pissing water whenever it rains (It’s the rainy season here, it’s rainingContinue reading “Everything Is Leaking…”

The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Done on a Sailboat

Boat refit video #7 | Lots going on in Zingaroland. I go into detail in the intro of this episode, then show you guys exactly how I replaced the rudder bearings and bushings. It was a huge job, and this video covers a couple weeks working on this (among other things). Much love!James You likeContinue reading “The Hardest Job I’ve Ever Done on a Sailboat”

Buying a Used Sailboat – Here’s What You Can Expect

Livestream upload | For the last month I’ve been tearing this 48′ Oyster sailboat apart, getting ready to sail it back to Florida and start the real work. My Covid escape plan is going well, but I need to be in Florida before January 15, and right now there is a TON of work leftContinue reading “Buying a Used Sailboat – Here’s What You Can Expect”

Dropping the Rudder and Fixing the Damage

Boat refit video #6 | This is one of the harder things I’ve ever done with a sailboat. Maintenance put off too long by the last owner, and it’s up to me to replace all of the things that have gone bad from non-use. The guys I hired to help with the thru hulls reallyContinue reading “Dropping the Rudder and Fixing the Damage”

Get Away From the Boat With That Sawsall!

Boat refit video #4 | Removing the 27 year old thru hulls is a PITA. It took three of us two full days. …Um, ok, in truth it took me two full days to call the pros and have them do it in 3 hours 😉 They bring a sawsall to attack the hull!!! I’mContinue reading “Get Away From the Boat With That Sawsall!”

Don’t Buy a Used Sailboat Without Watching This Video!

Boat refit video #3. We’re going through the thru hulls on this video. All 16 (!) of them. James takes off a few of the valves to show you guys what to look for, and get’s a nasty surprise at the end. That’s the way it goes when you get a boat cheap that hasContinue reading “Don’t Buy a Used Sailboat Without Watching This Video!”

Junkyard Find! Can This Boat Be Saved?

This dinghy looks like trash. It’s been sitting for three years, it’s ripped on the side, flat, and dirty as all heck. Do you think it’s possible to bring it back to life? Or should I scrap it and start over?? This and more on this episode of Sailing Zingaro. You like our content? PleaseContinue reading “Junkyard Find! Can This Boat Be Saved?”

First Impressions of the New Oyster Yacht

The first days aboard a new 50′ Sailboat are a bit overwhelming! The teak decks, the mosquitos, the batteries, the water… Will I be able to tackle ALL these things before I have to travel? Where will the money come from? How long will it take? Do I have the skills? Where will I getContinue reading “First Impressions of the New Oyster Yacht”

After 10 Months: This Is the New Boat!

Nearly one year after shipwrecking off the coast of Hawaii, Sailing Zingaro crowdfunded a magnificent Oyster 485 worth $200,000. Join us for a tour of this vessel, and we’ll show you what it’s like to buy a boat that has been sitting for a LONG time. Made possible by Patrons/Kickstarter – Welcome to our newContinue reading “After 10 Months: This Is the New Boat!”