The Sail Fail | Sailing Zingaro – Ep 31

The $7,000 sails don’t fit. We have trouble adjusting to them, and trying to beat to weather with them for the first time was a nightmare. We altered course and downwind sailing with them worked fine. The roach on the main is far too big to fit through the backstays. Even double reefed it hits.Continue reading “The Sail Fail | Sailing Zingaro – Ep 31”

¡Adios Cartagena! | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 25

Dancing, with tears in our eyes… ¡Adios Cartagena! We’re leaving this dirty, cheap & wonderful place. But not without cruising the streets at night one last time. Of all the places we have been on our journey so far, Cartegena stands out. So much culture offer during the day & the night and so many young peopleContinue reading “¡Adios Cartagena! | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 25”