Dropping the Rudder and Fixing the Damage

Boat refit video #6 | This is one of the harder things I’ve ever done with a sailboat. Maintenance put off too long by the last owner, and it’s up to me to replace all of the things that have gone bad from non-use. The guys I hired to help with the thru hulls reallyContinue reading “Dropping the Rudder and Fixing the Damage”

Junkyard Find! Can This Boat Be Saved?

This dinghy looks like trash. It’s been sitting for three years, it’s ripped on the side, flat, and dirty as all heck. Do you think it’s possible to bring it back to life? Or should I scrap it and start over?? This and more on this episode of Sailing Zingaro. You like our content? PleaseContinue reading “Junkyard Find! Can This Boat Be Saved?”

Te Vega – Pacific Crossing (pt. 3)

Here is the third part of the 4 part mini-series of my Pacific crossing aboard the 63′ Mason ketch Te Vega. We’ve got a bit of everything in this one, fishing, maintenance, injuries, and, of course, a lot of sailing. This part opens on half-way-day where we pop a bottle of champagne, give a littleContinue reading “Te Vega – Pacific Crossing (pt. 3)”