LIVE – Sailing Aboard a Bavaria 57!

Livestream upload (Dec 20, 2020) | Sailing with Sailing Yacht Aequus to the uninhabited island of Klien Curaçao. We’ll spend two nights exploring this amazing place. This Bavaria 57 is a hell of a yacht… Very nice, spacious, and (most importantly) 😏 FAST! You like our content? Please don’t forget to like, subcribe and share!YouContinue reading “LIVE – Sailing Aboard a Bavaria 57!”

Splash party!! Launching the Oyster 485 LIVE!

Livestream upload (Dec 9, 2020) | Splash time with Zingaro! The new Oyster is going in the water! Woohoo! We will be going on a tour of the boatyard, talking about the work I have completed, and what is left to do, and, of course, watching the machine take this 40,000 lb beast from it’sContinue reading “Splash party!! Launching the Oyster 485 LIVE!”

Buying a Used Sailboat – Here’s What You Can Expect

Livestream upload | For the last month I’ve been tearing this 48′ Oyster sailboat apart, getting ready to sail it back to Florida and start the real work. My Covid escape plan is going well, but I need to be in Florida before January 15, and right now there is a TON of work leftContinue reading “Buying a Used Sailboat – Here’s What You Can Expect”

Pacific Crossing – Sailing with the Ketch „Te Vega“

Real time update (June 25, 2020) | While Kim stucks in Germany, James is back on the water. He is sailing with the crew of s/v Te Vega, a 1984 Mason 63, from Hawaii to California. They’ll heading north towards Alaska before turning to the east to ride the northern trades into the mainland. OverallContinue reading “Pacific Crossing – Sailing with the Ketch „Te Vega“”