Sailing to the Pitcairn Islands! – Ep. 74

It was with heavy hearts that we left our friends on Rapa Nui behind. But as soon as we got into our passage routine again, our excitement to see new locations started to grow quickly! Our next destination were the Pitcairn Islands, which include Ducie Atoll, Henderson Island, Oeno Atoll and, of course, the famousContinue reading “Sailing to the Pitcairn Islands! – Ep. 74”

Hello from the Gambier Islands!

After Easter Island we spent 3 weeks going around the Pitcairn Island Group: Ducie – The most southern atoll in the world! Henderson – The most untouched by humans island in the world! Pitcairn – Home of the Bounty mutineers (and so welcoming). Oeno – The most beautiful, coolest, and northernmost atoll in the group.Continue reading “Hello from the Gambier Islands!”