After Three Years We Made it to TAHITI! – Ep. 77

In my FIRST VIDEO I put on the internet I explained that I had just purchased a catamaran and was going to sail it to Tahiti… I thought it would take around a year. Well, three years later and it’s finally here! In this episode, Kimmi and I arrive to Oeno, the fourth and lastContinue reading “After Three Years We Made it to TAHITI! – Ep. 77”

Hello from the Gambier Islands!

After Easter Island we spent 3 weeks going around the Pitcairn Island Group: Ducie – The most southern atoll in the world! Henderson – The most untouched by humans island in the world! Pitcairn – Home of the Bounty mutineers (and so welcoming). Oeno – The most beautiful, coolest, and northernmost atoll in the group.Continue reading “Hello from the Gambier Islands!”