Sailing Zingaro’s Partners

Companies have a huge responsibility in changing our world for the better. The time for mindless consumption and throw-away products is over.

When we choose to align with someone it’s because we agree with their business practices and share the same values: Quality and Sustainability.

We promise to only advertise products/companies that we are 100% convinced of.

We are proud to feature the following companies as supporters of our journey.

spectra sponsor web
Spectra Watermakers | Fresh Water Indepence for Zingaro

Spectra Watermakers | The best Choice in Desalination

We’re super exited to announce our partnership with the leader in desalination: Spectra Watermakers. Our search for freshwater is over. Stay tuned for information on comparing watermakers, why we chose Spectra, installation and what makes Spectra different.

Kraken as Sponsor
Kraken | Synthetic Rigging: Sea Monster Strong

Kraken Structures | Your leader in synthetic rigging

Kraken Structures is a San Diego based company providing custom synthetic rigging solutions to sailors all over the world.

Whatever your knowledge level, Kraken Structures makes it easy to convert your boat to the future of standing rigging.

I met Luke (owner of Kraken Structures) shortly after posting a video on changing my rigging to synthetic (click here to watch). We began a dialog where I learned he was a rigger, with extensive experience in synthetic rigging. Also, I learned through our talks that he was an incurable perfectionist. He offered to help me improve my rig, and the friendship began. You can see his rigging designs on Zingaro, Lady Africa, and many other sailboats around the world. If you’re thinking of going synthetic, drop Luke a line – he loves to nerd out on dyneema as much as me!

Turt Sunglasses Sponsor
Turt Sunglasses | Protect your eyes and save baby turtles

Turt Sunglasses| Protect your eyes while you protect baby turtles

Turt Sunglasses are light, polarized, made from bamboo (a sustainable material) and best of all… they FLOAT! Best of all, a portion of the proceeds of these awesome sunglasses go towards the effort of saving baby turtles. After seeing so much pollution, and bi-catch, this is something we can TOTALLY get onboard with. Join our CREW and the Delos-Crew to support Turt.

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