After Three Years We Made it to TAHITI! – Ep. 77

In my FIRST VIDEO I put on the internet I explained that I had just purchased a catamaran and was going to sail it to Tahiti… I thought it would take around a year. Well, three years later and it’s finally here! In this episode, Kimmi and I arrive to Oeno, the fourth and lastContinue reading “After Three Years We Made it to TAHITI! – Ep. 77”

Pitcairn Island – Sailing Zingaro Ep. 76

We were blessed by weather, and got to spend 7 days anchored in the famous Bounty Bay in May 2019 (we’re behind a lot with our episodes). We will never forget our time in Pitcairn, and hope you all enjoy our little excerpt of it. Let me tell you a bit about this not-to-often visitedContinue reading “Pitcairn Island – Sailing Zingaro Ep. 76”

Update From Kimmi, James and the New Boat

Real time update | I’ve got a special video that you’ll want to see: After being separated by the coronavirus pandemic for 7 months, we are together one final time to bring you this video. It’s been a wild ride, one that has deeply touched us both, and one that we will surely never forget.Continue reading “Update From Kimmi, James and the New Boat”

Our Speargun is Going to a Fisherman’s Home

  We decided to give away one of our spearguns to a local fisherman in Kiritimati. They don’t have many guns on the whole island, and the gun passed down from his father desintegrated. We love this gun, but it’s going to a great home. Maybe it will be handed down to his son orContinue reading “Our Speargun is Going to a Fisherman’s Home”

Bye Bye, Mo’orea!

Real time update | So we’re technically checked out of the country, but we can’t seem to tear ourselves away from Mo’orea. It’s so nice here. We can swim with whales every day, dive, have friends over every night… it’s magical here. We’ve even been invited to go hiking by the guy we stole ourContinue reading “Bye Bye, Mo’orea!”