Author - Kim

Hello from the Gambier Islands!

After Easter Island we spent 3 weeks going around the Pitcairn Island Group: Ducie – The most southern atoll in the world! Henderson – The most untouched by...

Our dirtiest day on Easter Island

What started of as a harmless afternoon hike, soon became the dirtiest adventure of our lives. I didn’t look as bad as James, but I was just as dirty! Good thing we were...

We Made it to Rapa Nui!

We arrived in Hanga Roa Wednesday, March 27th, and needed to wait for the authorities to give us clearance to step foot on the island.

Beautiful Ecuador – the big surprise

Ecuador was by far the biggest surprise. We wanted to come down here just to jump of to French Polynesia, but we ended up extending our visas and staying for four months.

Cruising Ecuador

In the last few days we found a bunch of great spots on the Ecuadorian coast. We’re very much in love with this part of the world!

Bye Bye USA!

We're leaving back to go to the boat! We're both a little homesick, and exited to get back to the Seca Islands to spear and swim.

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