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2020 has been a hell of a year, for all of us. So many ups and downs, masks and hand sanitizer. The world has been forever changed, and we are very hopeful for the future. For now James will be getting the new boat ready for sea, sailing to the US to add the required cruising gear, and setting off again for far away destinations. If you’d like to follow along, please check out the Sailing Zingaro YouTube channel   

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Travel with me back in time … As a self-proclaimed “water-kid”, I got my USCG Master 100T and PADI OWSI certifications (though I much prefer freediving). I bought my first sailboat at the age of 28, paid a drunken pirate $40 to teach me to sail, and have been working on this dream ever since: to travel around the world by sailboat.

Fast forward 12 years, 5 boats, and countless adventures later … and I’ve finally figured out how to make this dream a reality. I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t easy. It was a lot of sweat, tears, reading, fixing, bleeding, and growing along the road.

I’m an ex-submarine sailor in the US Navy. I was stationed on USS Nebraska (SSBN 739) for 4 years as an electronics tech. I learned to be self-sufficient in repairing the gear on the sub (no google underwater 😉 I’ve transferred that knowledge to the sailing world, and some of the videos I make are to help potential cruisers do the same.

Want to see how this mechanic from Seattle found the boat, paid for the boat, cut the lines, and sailed to the Pacific? Check out this YouTube channel.

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. James, you’re one of the most interesting people I’ve seen on YouTube, thanks for the videos and information you’ve shared. You mentioned in a video that you did something with submarines… what’s did you do exactly? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Taylor. 🙂 Much appreciated. I was an electronics tech and quartermaster on the sub. So I fixed the radar, fathometer, lights, phones, etc, and on watch I plotted our position on a chart (among other things, quartermasters are actually one of the highest watches you can stand as an enlisted sailor) Had to have a top secret clearance to know the ships position! Thanks for watching. Much love! -James

  2. James/Kim,

    Is there a spot that breaks your story down in better detail? How did you start? Did you meet Kim while sailing or at home before you started this adventure? I see many episodes where you have “new” people show up on the boat for periods of time to sail. Are these previous friends or other people that you have sailed with in the past? Lastly, what is your favorite spot you have traveled to thus far? Thank you and I enjoy your adventures!

    1. Come on dude
      The guy works so hard on the video’s
      Watch them and the ask questions
      Watch hue video’s “You Will Like Them!”

  3. What’s up! I’m watching all your YouTube videos right now, I want to sail the way you do, I’ve never seen anyone have as much fun as you on a journey to nowhere, lol, but I wish I had a boat like yours to sail around for a few months to see if I would really like it. Have fun on your journey and lots of luck to you! Bob

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