Boat Work Season 2 - New Boat

Check Out the Fancy New Thru Hulls

Boat refit video #10 | This is the first project I started when I got to the boat is finally completed. And what an important project is was: Thru Hulls.

After over a month waiting for shipping/customs (which I think had something to do with the boat “yacht-in-transit” paperwork not being used for over 4 years) I received a box filled with these little plastic parts. Upon inspection they were very well made, and very strong. I was like a kid on Christmas day, lining them all up on the table to take this shot! LOL 😆

Overall the install wasn’t difficult, I think just about anybody could do this DIY-style. Getting the old thru-hulls out was way more difficult than putting the new ones in. They are strong, corrosion-resistant, come with labels, and are such an improvement over the 27 year old fittings that were in the boat.

I’m a happy boy after finishing this job, and won’t have to worry about one of these things failing 1000nm out to sea, or not being able to close one.

Totally stoked to have Trudesign fittings. Hope you like the video! Big props to Paul, my new editor, I think he did a great job with this one.

Much love!

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