Boat Work Season 2 - New Boat

Dropping the Rudder and Fixing the Damage

Boat refit video #6 | This is one of the harder things I’ve ever done with a sailboat. Maintenance put off too long by the last owner, and it’s up to me to replace all of the things that have gone bad from non-use.

The guys I hired to help with the thru hulls really did a number on them. Some of them look like they exploded from the outside in. I’m going to need to really work to get everything back to a clean, solid foundation for the new TruDesign thru hulls.

After we go through how to fix that problem, we start on the rudder. After much prodding and smacking, we finally break the shoe free of the epoxy holding it on. Man, what a job. Check out the video to see more.

Much love from Curacao

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