Boat Work Season 2 - New Boat

Get Away From the Boat With That Sawsall!

Boat refit video #4 | Removing the 27 year old thru hulls is a PITA. It took three of us two full days. …Um, ok, in truth it took me two full days to call the pros and have them do it in 3 hours 😉

They bring a sawsall to attack the hull!!! I’m definitely not comfortable with this. Watch to see more.

All 16 thru hulls were fiberglassed into the boat, which made removal SO tough. We had to cut away all the glass, then cut the thru hull, then beat the hell out of it with a hammer to get everything out. But after a long, hot day of work the satisfaction of turning my $ 200,000 boat into a sieve was glorious!

Now if I could just get customs to release the thru hulls so I can install them…

Much love

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