The first days aboard a new 50′ Sailboat are a bit overwhelming! The teak decks, the mosquitos, the batteries, the water… Will I be able to tackle ALL these things before I have to travel? Where will the money come from? How long will it take? Do I have the skills? Where will I get the parts?

So this is a conglomeration video of a bunch of posts I made to the Saloon (the official Sailing Zingaro WhatsApp group). It’s a bit more raw than what you’re used to, but it really gives you a feel for the emotions I was going through real time in the last week.

The boat is coming along. 6 thru hulls need replaced, new batteries, buff the boot stripe so I can do the rest in the water, tune up the engine and test, and get the rudder moving smoothly. That’s about it before I can splash here and get her back to where she belongs. 😉

I’m temporarily changing the format of the videos until I get crew to help me out. They will be a bit more raw and uncut in a V-LOG style. That will allow me to put MORE content out while I refit the boat.

Wish me luck! Much love!

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