Te Vega – Pacific Crossing FINALE! (pt. 4)

I hope you’ve had fun watching this series. The wind has arrived! Heavy weather sailing, big waves, breaking boats… You’re not going want to be downstairs for this one! Dolphins, whales and seals usher us in as we call land HO!!

It was an awesome experience, the whole thing: the crossing, filming, editing, and producing. I’ve had a couple all-nighters to get these monster videos completed, but honestly it was a blast going through them. I’m laughing right along with you guys.

So, it’s with great pride that I present the finale in the ‘Te Vega’ video series. I really put my heart into these. I’m actually sad that it’s over…

This episode takes us from day 16-21, and arrival to Half Moon Bay. I do a tutorial on the Iridium Go. We figure out a workaround for a broken hydraulic boom vang line. The wind REALLY pipes up and starts breaking stuff. We spot land, and get escorted in my dolphins, whales, and even a pod of sea lions! No joke, that was pretty cool.

More awesomeness to come…

Much love!

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