Episodes - Season 1

Sailing to Easter Island

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Three weeks on the Pacific Ocean, all by ourselves, we were fantasizing about a couple different things: Salad with yoghurt dressing and Beer on the top of the list. But when we thought we could enjoy the benefits of being back in civilization as soon as we dropped our anchor, we thought wrong.

The immigration procedure at first and finally our own equipment kept us from going ashore for another three days after our arrival. We appreciated the beauty of the island, observing it from a distance and went diving off of our boat. The stoke of having it made to Rapa Nui, the island furthest away from civilization, was real.

“Eighteen days at sea with a broken autopilot made this journey one of our most difficult, but arriving at the most remote populated island on earth made it all worth it”

Captain James

Easter Island was a magical place. Every day brought us a new adventure. Please enjoy these videos, and show us some love by supporting us here.

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