Transiting the Panama Canal (pt. I) | Livin la Vida Broka

What to expect and how to prepare … We cover anchoring in the flats, form 4405-I, scheduling to get measured, and the river Chagres! It’s a cool how-to with a bit of how-it-was.

This is the absolute cheapest way to do it, and we cover costs in part 2. We think it’ll be one of the better series on how to get through the canal. Hopefully it helps someone down the road.

-James & Kimmi

One thought on “Transiting the Panama Canal (pt. I) | Livin la Vida Broka

  1. Craig Middleton

    What about the new sails???? Have not seen a single picture of you guys sailing with out Ullman Sails. We should also be rated as a sponsor for the exceptionally low price charged and the free advice. What’s going on?


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