The ONE time a catamaran SUCKS

When trying to find a place to HAUL OUT on the pacific coast of Central America.

Why? Because I want to copper-epoxy the bottom of the boat. It’s greener (no ablative paint to fall all over the coral), it’s easier to clean (no ablative paint in our skin), it’s stronger (no ablative… you get the picture).

Marina Pez Vela, Costa Rica | (c) Sailing Zingaro

BUT it’s been the biggest PITA! Listen to this BS:

  • So I went to the only marina that could fit me in Pacific: Marina Paraiso (Panama): They wanted $3500, and I couldn’t live on the boat, or WORK on my own boat. Lol. Right.
  • Marina Puerto Amistad (Ecuador): They sent us a semi-reasonable quote, told us they could fit us, then 1 WEEK later, when we were just about to leave, told us sorry, they messed up, can’t fit.
  • Marina Puntarenas (Costa Rica): FINALLY! Called them from Panama, they can fit us, at a great price! Yay! So we sailed 250nm and…. oh… oops… they measured wrong. 7m wrong. Morons. Seriously wtf.
  • Marina Pez Vela (Costa Rica): They can definitely fit us, the manager offers me $500 off if we promote the marina! Sweet. Go to do the paperwork… they require FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE. Ever try to insure a 34 year old home built boat travelling through Central America? Not going to say it’s impossible, but I haven’t found a way. It’s kinda funny, I have to explain to everyone what Airex foam is… I should just lie and say fiberglass.

So… looks like I’m holding on to the 3 gallons of epoxy I purchased for this job. Guess I’m going to have to beach her and paint her. At least it’s cheap. I’m just so sick of the paint. I have to clean the bottom every two weeks here. No shit, it’s pretty crazy. If I let it go a month there’s some big ass barnacles.

There’s one other option. Marina Caldera which isn’t really a marina, as much as a piece of land with a crane. I’m wondering what will happen if they drop my boat… Plus it’s $70/day. Damn rich guys charter fishing for Marlin here. That’s the entire Pacific coast moneymaker. Every damn boat here. Using 200gal/hr of diesel fucking up the environment for a unicorn fish.

Ok. I’m done ranting. Now I’ll suck it up and figure out how to do this by myself. Get ready for an interesting video!


PS – The image is Pez Vela. See the fishing boat at the bottom? I’m anchored between him and the wall. Can’t get internet, but easy to flag down a fisherman to take my boom in to get welded… more on that later.

PPS – I’m really not trying to be a downer, it’s really nice here. Cost Ricans are some of the most helpful people in the world. Super cool. Just needed to vent. I keep getting comments that I complain too much. Well those guys need to try to find a marina to haul out a 6.1m wide cat. In Spanish.

3 thoughts on “The ONE time a catamaran SUCKS

  1. James, we copper coated about 18 months ago and have had good success. There are some things you need to be careful about: Prep is important. The bottom should be as smooth as possible before rolling on the copper-epoxy mix. When you sand the epoxy to expose the copper metal, you will send through to the barrier coat if the bottom was not really, really smooth – this is the voice of experience speaking. Use a very short nap roller to get as smooth a finish as possible.

    The copper does leach out, that’s how it works, and as a result you should use a scotch pad every now and again (frequency depends how warm the water is) to scuff the bottom and expose new copper.

    Here in the PNW (Skagway, south to Seattle), we haven’t scuffed the bottom yet and are getting good protection. [We also keep the boat in fresh water when we’re in Seattle, so we may not be a good example]

    This post has some pictures of the process on Caro Babbo:

    1. Great info brother! Much appreciated. I’ll keep that in mind. Do you remember the mix ratio you used? That’s where I’m confused now. But this was much needed info, thanks brother!

      1. There have been times when I just went with a product rather than figuring it out myself. I bought the coppercoat from the people in Florida.

        I had looked into buying the copper and epoxy separately, and just decided I didn’t have time to learn. After having bought the commercial product, it was clear that powdered copper metal, which is available on the web, mixed with epoxy resin is all that coppercoat is. And, I should not have ground off the barrier coat that was there and applied the ‘‘ceramic’’ barrier coat coppercoat supplies. The barrier coat in place was smoother than I applied.

        I’ll send other documents in a DM. I’ll also see whether I have pictures of the packages of the coppercoat.

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