Aid project with a Colombian school | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 23

This is a very special one for us. After we visited the family farm (Ep 22) in Colombia, one of the brothers set us up a special show at a local school for inner-city kids affected by the drug cartel.

In this school a big part of the learning is art – specifically the native songs and dance to Colombia. We got to see how they make their instruments and got a great example of their talent. The costumes were all made or purchased by the students themselves or their families.

We were so touched, that we decided to pledge our video’s earnings to them! We are going to give them 100% of the proceeds of this video, plus whatever we can raise! This is going to a great place, and just this little amount will be an amazing help for these kids. It will allow them to buy new instruments and costumes, and travel to show their talents (something they REALLY wanted to do).

If you’d like to donate directly please send to this link:
Please put “School” in the description, and we’ll make sure to get it to them.

Hope you like 🙂

-James & Kim

Update: Our Donations finally arrived in Colombia!

(09/16/2018) After over three weeks of waiting, the money finally arrived at the school! We started to worry already, so we are even more excited to tell You that your generous donations made it safely to the kids. Total sent: $980.73.

Amalio (the headmaster) sent us the news. The money will be invested in new traditional instruments and typical clothing for shows.

🙂 A huge GRACIAS from the kids to everybody that contributed 🙂

James and Kim

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