We tour a farm in Colombia | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 22

Do you see the SIZE of that thing?! There’s something in the water in Colombia … 🙂

We get invited by a local to his family farm, so we leave the boat at anchor and take a water-taxi, car-taxi, & 4wd jeep to one of the most biodiverse places we’ve ever seen. Wow they sure do grow everything mega-sized here. Join us on our private tour of a Colombian finca.

You guys may recognize Raphael from the last couple videos, he is a business owner we met in Playa Blanca (about 4 hours south of Cartagena, Colombia). We took him on Zingaro for a week or two, and in return he invited us to his family ranch in Cordoba. What a cool place.

We think this is the best EP so far! Kim did a great job editing this.

-James & Kim

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