A complete how-to on dyneema. What it is, the 20 places it's used onZingaro, how to make the 2 splices you need to know, and even how to tie a soft shackle.

A complete how-to on Dyneema. This video took me awhile to make, but I’m proud of it. Been waiting for a long time to put this one out. Here is a great addition to the LVB series. Everything one needs to know about dyneema, including:

  • What is Dyneema
  • How to make the 2 splices you need to know
  • How to make soft shackles, which are ~$1 to make, and could save your boat
  • 20 places it’s used on my boat

Hope this is useful to everyone. This really is my favorite part of this blog, sharing my knowledge with everyone. If you have a sailboat and don’t know how to use dyneema please do yourself a favor and get acquainted. Having a few extra shackels lying around will help you (as you’ll see in the vid).

Much love!

Selma Fids: https://goo.gl/hVW7QG
1/8″ Dyneema spool: https://goo.gl/Y3hw6H

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  • I’ve been follow yall for a bit now and I enjoy your uploads. Of all the rope and paracord videos I’ve watched yours has been the easiest to follow. Dang good editing. Sail on friends.

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