Join us while we sail off anchor with our Catamaran! This is an essential part of owning a sailboat...

About attacking monkeys & a tacking sailboat – another LVB Episode in Puerto Lindo (Panama). It feels as if we had spent years here! The place is pretty, but it really is a blackhole that sucks in cruisers’ dreams for breakfast. We met so many people that got stranded here and so many boats found there final destination with Puerto Lindo.

Back to the topic: This episode is about sailing. Surprise, surprise! Join us while we sail off anchor with our catamaran! 

This is an essential part of owning a sailboat… sometimes that trusty motor just doesn’t cooperate. Plus, in true Zingaro fashion, it doesn’t cost a thing, and doesn’t pollute. Win win.

This video was recorded when we started off to a birthday party in Portobello. We went to Bocas del Toro afterwards and now we are in Colón, ready to transit to the Pacific! WOW! It’s been a trip!

It has been an adventure here in the Caribbean and we can’t wait to explore the Pacific.

And you will notice: we urgently need our new sails … 🙂

Auf Wiedersehen,
1st Mate Kim

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