Our first PATRON joins the boat! Sailing Zingaro – Episode 12

Please welcome Kris Knabel (one of our first supporters on Patreon) came down to Grand Cayman to sail to Jamaica with us. With the new and improved rudder we let the wind fill our sails and GO!

Unfortunately… in true Zingaro fashion our OTHER rudder fell off. Oops …

Hope you like! The girl singing in the background is Noa (aka Kim’s little sister!). She’s amazing. You’ll be hearing more of her in the upcoming videos.

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Fair winds and following seas!

-Kimmi & James

Noa – party favor [cover / Billie Eilish] on SoundCloud
Black Loops on SoundCloud

3 thoughts on “Our first PATRON joins the boat! Sailing Zingaro – Episode 12

  1. Yo Ive been following since you built the hard top , commented on the last video and looking to join th crew for a stay .

    1. Got ya on Patreon buddy! 🙂 We’ll chat there. This website stuff freaks me out. lol. 🙂 Thanks for taking care of it Ute!

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