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¡Adios Mexico! | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 10

Check out our tour of the “bottle island”. It’s a really amazing adventure we had in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Check out our tour of the bottle island. It’s a really amazing adventure we had in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. An island floating on nothing but used plastic bottles? How sick is that! RichArt, a British artist, is really a master of recycling. All the little details in his house…

We had a lot of fun with him and the guys from Project Atticus. But after the island and our sail were fixed, it was time for us to leave Mexico. So the Captain took me (Kim) out for my first real sail. WOHOOO! It was a nice one…

…but as we found out later, we messed the boat up quite a bit on our way to Grand Cayman. But that’s another story.

So yeah, bottle island, trashed dinghy, jam sessions and dolphins. What else do you need for a worthy 10th episode? You tell us. And we discovered Photoshop, alright. You might notice that in the video (taco drawings everywhere).

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Prost & Ahoy muchachos,
Captain and Kim (aka Marilyn Monroe)

Bottle island:
Project Atticus:

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