Say Guten Tag to my new editor! | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 9

Kimmi’s first episode! Yup, she edited this entire thing. I’m very proud!

In this Episode Kim joins the Zingaro Crew and we take the boat from Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to Cozumel. Unfortunately Cozumel was a paradise for cruise ships and not cruisers. Expensive compared to the rest of Mexico and no authentic tacos to be found … A nightmare for Kim!

Luckily we got to meet some French-Canadian sailors on a 30′ boat (with 5 people, one Mom, and one dog). They are living the pirate kind of life even more than we are. It ended up bring days of singing and sailing with a bunch of beautiful people aboard.

Hope you guys like this video. We had some trouble finding good music, need to work on that. But I think overall it’s a pretty awesome one, and Kim did an amazing job. It was cool going through this footage and laughing together. Glad we can share it with you all.

Much love,

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