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With love from Berlin… headed back to the boat! | Sailing Zingaro Live

Sailing Zingaro Live: Learn about the plan where to go after seeing the Caribbean by boat and how it feels to leave the boat for the first time .

Sailing Zingaro Live: Our last night in Berlin together, before The Captain heads to the boat! We’re talking about our plan so far and what we’ve been doing lately. We are still not quite sure where to go next, but most probably we are going to go to Costa Rica to take part at the electronic music Festival Envision.

The Berliner showed her Captain around in the most exciting city in the world and made him taste all the good stuff (Vollkornbrot und Bier). It was a lot of fun.

We’re still figuring out this software, the best place to get internet here, and how to make this live stream work. We’d really love to make this a usual part of the channel… Give us some time to get this down. Thanks!

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