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Couple gets adopted by crazy locals in Cayman Islands! | Sailing Zingaro – Episode 6

The Zingaro Crew left the wonderful Cuban waters to see the Cayman Islands and happened to meet a very special man.

Aloha guys!

This episodes includes all the details of what happened when the Zingaro Crew left the wonderful Cuban waters and sailed to the Cayman Islands. It was a beautiful sail and the people that Melissa and James met when they arrived were even more beautiful.

Because what made the experience on the island so special were not the intact reefs, the regional food, the thousand jewelers or the tourist traps. It was the local, Mister Denton, that took them in and showed them Grand Cayman as only a crazy fisherman can do.


In case you don’t know yet what the hell is going on here, check out the summary of the last six months sailing in this episode.

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