Solo sailing to the keys & the 6 minute refit | Sailing Zingaro Episode 1

Finally done with the first episode! Super exited to share this. Flew from Hawaii to Ft Myers, Florida to look at a catamaran, and ended up living there for 2 months while refitting and getting her ready for sea. It was tough, and a great learning experience. I’ve video-documented much of the process, and will be putting out detailed how-to videos, maybe they will help someone in their journey.

On my way to Cuba the autopilot went out, and my Macbook screen broke! SO I decided to sail to Miami to go to the Apple store, visit a few friends, and spearfish everyday while the autopilot was being serviced by Raymarine.

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2 thoughts on “Solo sailing to the keys & the 6 minute refit | Sailing Zingaro Episode 1

  1. Man. You have my best wishes and all the positive energy I can muster. You have made me smile and dream, I hope to be able to reciprocate that. Peace and serenity to you as you journey through the pacific. How’s Zingaro holding? Is she exuding blue water cruiser confidence? Got to tell you she is a beauty. Take good care of her. And whenever I get net access I will be checking on you. I am a beekeeper in southern Lebanon and during the season I disconnect pretty much except for once a month visit to the capital Beirut. Good times and clear hearts in your wake.

    1. Wow! What a beautiful comment! Thank you so much Mohamed! Glad to hear the videos make you smile and dream. Seriously, I just read that with Kim and it made our day my friend. Zingaro is getting better and better with every repair. Just about to re-sail her. I have made her stronger with everything I’ver done, and together we’ve grown into blue water sailors. I’ll be putting up new episodes every Thursday, look out for those. Much love, and send me your address and I’ll send you a couple stickers! Thanks for watching! -James

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