Which winch went where?

Happy to be complete with my first project on the boat – installing brand new Lewmar 50ST winches. Not only functionally superior, these are a pair of sexy ladies! Plus they match the halyard winches on the cabin top. Sweet.

Lewmar makes some beautifully engineered gear. These are slightly smaller diameter than the Barient winches they replaced, but at least 50% more efficient – requiring minimal effort to sheet in the 120% genoa, even in higher winds. In laymens terms, they work really good. 😉

I had to use wooden dowels to fill the holes left by the other winch, as the bolt pattern was different. A little bit of epoxy and they were water tight. Sand, slap a coat of paint on the bases, then drill the new holes. Add 5200 to the threads of the mounting bolts. Put the backing plates on the inside of the boat – and BAM! New winches. Bitchen.

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