The to do list …

Well, it’s been 4 days of happy boat ownership so far. There’s something that happens to everyone when they get a boat – it starts off as euphoric; “I found the boat of my dreams!” After a bit of time the initial novelty wears off and you start noticing things you really didn’t notice before (it’s impossible to know every nuance in the few days you spend with her initially). You start to see the flaws and making a list of how you’d like to fix them …

to-do-listThat list turns into a longer list, then a really long list, then finally a mother#&$@ PITA list. But… that’s boat ownership. The crazy part is, that crazy list (that will never be done) is offset by your love of the water, love of sailing, and for me, love of learning.

Humans only grow when outside of their comfort zone.

So here’s the list after 4 days:

Crazy, right?

This is really only half. Theres a new new list, and napkins, and cell phone notes, and plenty of other shit. It’s really mostly offshore safety related, and boat handling, and outfitting, but man… it’s crazy.

Anyway, it’s 2AM, I’ve been working and researching all day. Peace.

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