Mala Wharf: Freediving Maui

Then direct your beautiful eyes to the pic on the right (if you’re not seeing that click on the ” read more” button”. This is the pier at it’s blessing in 1922. What an amazing people, the Hawaiians; it’s not an opening – it must be blessed. That warms my heart.

Unfortunately, nobody consulted with the local Hawaiians on this project, because if they had they would have understood that the current and tide in this area is non-conducive to a large concrete structure. The pic on the left is the pier now, having been closed in 1950 (due to the aforementioned problems) and collapsed in 1992 from hurricane Iniki.

Fortunately for us, private corporations can’t own the water (yet) so we can enjoy an opportunity to explore the wreckage. The really cool part is that the entire thing is a coral reef now, teaming with life, and under 40ft.

This was right after it rained, so the visibility is horrid. I didn’t have my gopro the first time I went out here… too bad because it was 80ft visibility and just picturesque. This gives you an idea though.


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